About Carbon Fiber,
As you may know, or not,  we use a lot of carbon fiber composites in our jets, so we saw fit to post some comments and warnings about the carbon fiber as follow:
1) RF interference, actualy it is not interference, carbon fiber composites will reflect the RF waves and it is considered a very good RF waves shield, so if you want to place your receiver in the carbon fiber component trays you can do but the anthena satelites must be placed in a region on the plane where the satelites can see the transmiter all the time, any part of the plane that has fiber glass only will be good position.
 2) Carbon Fiber is an electrical conductor, so pay attention when installing the eletronics to isolate any wire from the carbon fiber tray, also when cut carbon fiber dust can damage your cuting tool.
3) when installing lading gears in the carbon fiber mountings or a turbine installation you have to avoid the usage of the wood screws, they will get loose and they will fail, so if you intend to intall please use a machine screw with the apropriate wash and nut.
About our carbon fiber composites
Before we introduce any composite on the production of our jets, we research and develop and test them, right now we are testing one carbon fiber composite with structural core material, it stiff as the carbon fiber layers itself but it is 30% lighter than the pure carbon fiber.
We tested already the Hardness in a third part Lab using the Rockwel B tester, and now we are tenting for impact and compression/bent ( this is a destructive test ) so we know the limites of our composite. The second and third lab test are done following the standards ASTM D790 and D256. Following are photos of our test comparing our carbon fiber laminate composite with a one with fiber glass and hard wood, we found after the first results that our composite has the same hardness as the fiber glass wood one only the difference is the fiber glass wood measure 8.63mm thick and ours is only 5.19 mm now the weight is half from the FG wood composite as shown on the pictures.
mes1    mes2    mes4    me3    
CFComp1     CFComp2
t1l     t3
t4     t5
t6     t7
t8     t9