As the time pass and more and more customers are flying our jets it is normal to receive colaborations from them in the intuit to better the product or advise us of potential danger, so bellow are  updates and warnings for the F100 D Supper Sabre.



We use a special steel color paint in our F100s, this only apply for the steel paint, if you need to clean the paint "DO NOT USE ANY CHEMICALS LIKE, GASOLINE, ALCOHOL, ETC.." those products will react with the paint and you can damage it, so use only water.



We have indentified a weak point on the elevator servo box that could get loose after some flights this was corrected adding a new former to hold them in place as shown in the pictures bellow, all new  F100 orders were sent with this update done already, and we send the updated former to some customers that did not have this installed at the factory, please contact us if you did not receive it.





Thanks to Greg Arnett that found an issue on the main gear and also propose a solution that we have incorporated to our new models. 


Xtreme ARF F-100D Landing Gear Update



Bellow is the picture where you have to fix the sisors, there is a stoper on the sisors that needs to be removed, this is done on the main gear only.





We also recommend to remove the pin and "C" clip from the sisor and replace by a bolt and nut size M3X12 as in the picture: