No deposit is required at a pre-order price. When we start to develop the planes we will offer a pre-order price. It usually takes 4 months to start the production. Place your pre-order and no deposit is necessary When the planes are ready to produce you then decide if you want to purchase it. If so, you get the pre-order price and you make 30% deposit "non refundable". Shipping prices are not included in the pre-order price so when the plane is ready to ship we will contact you with the shipping prices, we work hard to develop planes that will fit in a small package as possible trying to reduce the shipping prices for our customers. We do collect a 30% deposit for orders that we have in production only waiting for you do decide the color scheme, the deposit will be non refundable . This is a great way to assure that you are notified as soon as possible, and to lock in the best price. Please call us for more information.